Welcome to North Saint Paul, Minnesota

What USED to be an Extraordinary Small Town in the City!

Yes, North St. Paul is conveniently located, as for inviting? Not so much anymore! North St. Paul is a community that is in desperate need of forward progress and new leadership. It’s also home of a 85 foot turbine wind mill that doesn’t spin and was built at the bottom of the hill. Not to mention the constantly rising property taxes – due to the city constantly building new “government” buildings”. And as for the small-town atmosphere? It seems to have disappeared when Mayor Sandberg passed away, and the chief of police and city manager started. So, whether you’re a visitor to the city or it’s a place you call home, please stay and read on!



Richard Crittenden Memorial Pins
Concerned citizens of North St. Paul invite residents to the next city council meeting to discuss and voice your opinion on the fact that the Police Chief of North St Paul, Tom Lauth demanded in writing that the officers of the North St. Paul Police force stop wearing theirĀ  memorial pin as of September 7, 2010, one year after Officer Crittenden gave his life protecting our community.

Yes, you read right…this was a demand made by the city. The city went as far as to say that officers would be disciplined if they continued to wear the pin. This subject will be brought up at the next city council meeting, October 19 at 6:30 p.m. Please attend if you are able!

There are petitions at local businesses in North St Paul, including North St Paul Pizza Factory, so please stop by and sign the petition asking that officers be allowed to wear the pin if they choose. It’s the RIGHT thing to do!!

Your comments can be directed to City Manager Wysopal at (651)747-2403.